“We know that a new paradigm is necessary if we want to give every child around the world access to an education.
That is what we strive for every day.”

Founder and CEO

Katrin founded Projects For All in 2013 with the aim of fostering community ownership of development projects and empowering marginalised communities. Her passion for giving a voice to individuals and communities was shaped by her time living in Nigeria and Ethiopia working in human rights advocacy and development. Katrin is an award-winning producer and has written for the Huffington Post, The Times and Time Out New York.

Founder and COO

Roland has broad experience in education technology, business development, operations management, sustainable building technology, and radio and film production. By involving and working together with all members of the community during the implementation of each project, Roland helps to foster community ownership and encourages the community to work with new technologies.

Manager Hello World

Drew graduated with a BA (Hons) in International Studies from DePaul University, where he served as a Vincentian Mission Fellow studying the causes and consequences of forced migration on children. Before working with Projects For All, Drew founded Pangea Educational Development, an organisation partnering with schools across Uganda to achieve comprehensive, sustainable development.

Director of Development

Eleanor moved to the non-profit sector following a graduate role in finance. Since then she has focussed on domestic transport and energy agendas. A published researcher, Eleanor took on development whilst a director at the climate change charity 10:10. Eleanor is a member of the CAF Venturesome investment committee which supports social impact organisations and a board member at Foundation for Change.

Director of Communications

Monika studied agriculture and media consulting and has worked in communications across a range of sectors, including non-profit. She worked as a research assistant, holds a doctorate degree in social sciences, and is a published author on internal branding and a university lecturer on Storytelling and Campaigning. Monika is passionate about giving underprivileged communities a voice and making their stories heard.

Hello World Engineer

Caleb has a wide knowledge of technical systems and IT disciplines. His experience with the open source community has taught him that increased access to information creates bonds between the users and developers creating a community, fostering innovation and enabling ownership. As an IT consultant for the past ten years, Caleb manages physical and online resources for corporate and community organisations.

Community Support Officer, Nigeria

Aliyu has a Diploma in Computer Science and advises the members of the community on how to use the Hello Hub and what services it has to offer. His hope is to see many more Hello Hubs in rural areas and to allow less privileged children, and adults, to gain access to a computer and, thus, education. In his free time, Aliyu reads storybooks to the children at the Dominion orphanage.

Community Support Officer, Uganda

Nathan is a Social Worker and Community Development Practitioner. He has worked with communities, NGOs, the private sector and the government on a number of social problems that hinder development and growth. He is a Program Director with Pangea Educational Development, and a Community Support Officer for Project Hello World. Nathan has a degree in Social Work and Community Development.

Community Support Officer, Uganda

Hillary runs a car-hire business and works in community development. He co-founded Kadiofy, a non-profit organisation that caters for socio-economic and health needs of children and young adults. During the Hello Hub builds in 2015, Hillary developed an interest in the technology, and after completion of the works, he was appointed Community Support Officer. Hillary will also pursue an ICT diploma course at Mountains of the Moon University.

Community Outreach Coordinator, Uganda

Abu, who everyone calls Tabu, is the youngest member of the Hello World team. As our Community Outreach Coordinator he engages and advises the community members how to make best use of the Hello Hubs, and the application and services they have to offer. Tabu also supports the team in regularly collecting data from the Hubs. He is in his final year of secondary school and works as a music producer whenever he has a spare minute.


We are very grateful to have a group of wonderful volunteers who support our work and share our vision.

Raeshib Aggerwhil
Film Director

Monica Hargrove
Graphic Designer

Justin Keena

Tom Saater

Sayeed Anwar
Social Media Strategist

Steve Schinnerer
Creative Advisor